Selayar Regency Wins Champion as a Healthy Regency

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Rabu, 20 November 2019, 13:39 WIB Last Updated 2019-11-20T06:39:32Z
 Selayar Regency Wins Champion as a Healthy Regency

SELAYARPOS.COM ■ Swasti Saba Wistara 2019 Healthy District National Award from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health, for the third time won by Selayar Islands Regency.

Incredible, because this national award was won for 3 years in a row.

The acceptance of the Swasti Saba Wistara Award was held in the Sasana Bhakti Praja Ministry of Home Affairs, Jalan Merdeka Utara, Central Jakarta, on Tuesday (11/19).

The award was handed over directly by the Minister of the Interior Tito Karnavian to the Regent of Selayar, H.M Basli Ali, accompanied by the Chairman of the Healthy District Forum, Hj. Andi Dwiyanti Musrifah Basli and Secretary of the Muh Forum. Arsyad.

Selayar Islands Regent, H.M Basli Ali, after receiving the award to the media expressed gratitude and gratitude to the people of Selayar. Because without the support of the Selayar community in general, of course we would not be able to hold this award 3 times in a row.

"Thank God, Alhamdulillah, we have won and maintained the Healthy District award. Thank you to all the people of Selayar Islands Regency for their joint commitment in realizing this Healthy District, "explained H.M Basli Ali.

Meanwhile Head of the Healthy District Forum, Hj. Andi Dwiyanti Musrifah Basli said that this award was a joint commitment of the Regency Government in developing health-oriented development policies and programs in the Selayar Islands Regency.

"For those of us who are members of the Healthy District Forum Institution of the Selayar Islands  Regency, this award motivates us to improve the quality of the implementation of the Healthy District, primarily building synergies with related stakeholders in empowering the community to always behave in a clean and healthy lifestyle (Healthy Live Style)," concluded Hj.Musrifah.

■ A. Lolo / Aisha Syifa



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