The Public Satisfaction Level Reached 86.87 percent, Thank You MBA

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The Public Satisfaction Level Reached 86.87 percent, Thank You MBA

SELAYARPOS.COM ■ Thanks to the togetherness of us all, in the era of Basli Ali-Zainuddin (BAZ) Government has produced several achievements.

This was said by the Regent of Selayar Islands H. Muh. Basli Ali, when giving a speech at the Opening Ceremony of Basic Civil Servant Candidate Training (Latsar CPNS) took place in the Pattern Room of the Selayar Islands Regent's Office - Benteng, yesterday.

Data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) shows that the per capita population of Selayar Islands Regency is 43.6 Million / Year, and Selayar is recorded as the 10th highest income of the 24 regencies / cities in South Sulawesi.

Selayar was defeated by areas that had mining potential and the economic potential of the city, such as Makassar City, Maros, and Pangkep.

However, the Regent admitted that on the other hand, Selayar was even able to defeat a number of regencies / cities that actually became the economic buffer in Selayar, such as Bulukumba, Bantaeng, Jenneponto, Takalar and Gowa Regencies.

"This is a suprise for me, according to BPS data the income of the Selayar people per capita in Selayar District is above the Regencies of Bulukumba, Bantaeng, Jenneponto, Takalar, and Gowa which incidentally this district is a buffer for Selayar," he said.

BPS also recorded Selayar economic growth at a position of 8.7 percent, higher than the economic growth of South Sulawesi Province and is the highest number among the districts of South Sulawesi.

Likewise with the assessment of the Community Satisfaction Index on the performance of the Selayar Islands Regency Government under the BAZ government is classified as very high, is considered very successful, is in the position of the figure of 86.87 percent of the population who declares successful, this is also the highest in South Sulawesi.

While related to regional inflation, it is at 3.53 percent, lower than provincial and national inflation, so that the Selayar Islands Regency received an award from the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, because it was considered capable of suppressing the regional inflation rate and contributing to national inflation control.

BPS data is one of the important indicators to determine the economic conditions and the level of public satisfaction with the performance of the government in a region in a certain period. Concluded the Regent

The achievement, said the Regent, was inseparable from the togetherness and synergy of all existing stackholders, the Regional Apparatus Organization and the TNI - Polri who were working hard to develop the regions. It is hoped that the achievements in the coming years can be further enhanced.

For this achievement, we should be appreciated, thank you MBA.

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