MBA Inaugurates School Bus Operation in Bontomatene

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Rabu, 30 Oktober 2019, 10:33 WIB Last Updated 2019-10-30T03:33:15Z
   MBA Inaugurates School Bus Operation in Bontomatene

SelayarPos.Com ■ The Regent of Selayar Islands H.M Basli Ali (MBA) proves he really cares about the world of education. Evidently, earlier this week, Monday (10/28) the MBA inaugurated the operation of school transportation facilities. The school bus will specifically serve school children in the Bontomatene District.

The inauguration of the School Bus operation was conducted in conjunction with the Commemoration of the 91st Youth Oath Day conducted by the OSIS UPT SMAN 2 Selayar in Gelora Batangmata Field, Bontomatene District, Selayar Islands Regency.

In the event Basli Ali said that he as the Regent was still working to improve the transportation facilities of the Selayar people. He was concerned in the field of transportation which is the needs of the Selayar people.

"We should be grateful for the help of the school bus from the Ministry of Transportation as a means of transportation that can make it easier for students to go to school," Basli Ali said.

"Alhamdulillah, the school bus can be operated. While our sea transportation also gets the help of a new ferry which we will enjoy in the near future," he added.

Even yesterday we also got the help of the rede ship that was already in Benteng port which was also ready to operate, even though the capacity was not too big, but we are grateful to the central government.

The Government of the Selayar Islands Regency incessantly pays attention to what the community needs. In fact, currently the Regent said, we are temporarily still fighting again with the Department of Transportation so that the Ministry of Transportation is still providing three School Buses in 2020.

Meanwhile the Selayar Kadishub Andi Baso, said of the 24 regencies / cities in South Sulawesi, only 9 regencies / cities that received school buses including the Selayar Archipelago District and the Selayar Archipelago Regent directed the operation of the school bus in Bontomatene District.

This school bus is facilitated by AC and has a capacity of 36 people. It is free for school children and fuel costs are borne by the Transportation Department if used during school hours.

Attending the event were members of the Selayar Islands Regency DPRD, OPD Heads, Head of the Land Office, and the District Leadership Coordination Forum.

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