Ahead of the Selayar Regional Election, Basli Ali's position is still superior

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Selasa, 22 Oktober 2019, 06:26 WIB Last Updated 2019-10-22T09:57:27Z
 Ahead of the Selayar Regional Election, Basli Ali's position is still superior

SELAYARPOS.COM ■ Ahead of the Selayar 2020 pilkada, whose stages will begin in early December, Muh's political position. Basli Ali is still superior.

Selayar's public satisfaction rating for Muh. Basli Ali is also very good.

Finally, the Indonesian Survey Script agency (SSI) even released performance gains under the leadership of Muh. Basli Ali and Zainuddin reached 62.68 percent.

"The results are quite fantastic. The level of public satisfaction with the performance of the Regent and Deputy Regent of Selayar reached 62.68 percent. Only 35.61 percent were dissatisfied. While the remaining 1.7 percent did not answer, "said senior SSI researcher, Bambang Mappatunru, in a public exposure, on Sunday (10/20).

According to Bambang, in addition to the level of satisfaction, aspects of public service Selayar Regency Government should be appreciated. In the public service sector the level of satisfaction of the Selayar people reached 85.12 percent and 81.95 percent in the health sector.

"While the level of satisfaction in the education sector is 78.78 percent and in the urban planning and green open space sector it is only 55.85 percent," he added.

Referring to the survey showed Muh. Basli Ali heading for the 2020 Selayar regional election will be smooth. Nevertheless, Muh. Basli Ali doesn't want to brag.

"That position is only entrusted and the mandate of the people must be maintained. Trust is expensive, as much as possible we work the best for the people," Muh said. Basli Ali, during an interview with reporters at Benteng.

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