New Zealand Tourists Play Sea Turtles on Selayar Beach

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Selasa, 03 September 2019, 10:45 WIB Last Updated 2019-09-03T03:45:42Z
New Zealand Tourists Play Sea Turtles on Selayar Beach

SELAYARPOS.COM ■ At least 34 international tourists participating in the International Yacth Rally visited the Turtle Village in Tulang Hamlet, Barugaiya Village, Bontomanai District, yesterday.

In Turtle Village they clean the beach and take off the hatchlings.

In addition to the Turtle Village, these foreign tourists also visit local cultural cultural tourism, namely making traditional machetes and making traditional cakes in Sariahang Hamlet, Bungaia Village.

Generally they really admire the beauty of Indonesia, especially when they have the opportunity to visit the sea tourism of the sea turtle that has the beauty of a beach that looks unspoiled.

Even more impressive is that they can interact with hatchlings. Some of them adopted the hatchlings and then released them to the beach by giving the same name as the hatchlings' adopters.

"I really like being able to let go of hatchlings, this is a really good opportunity and I am a vegetarian because I love animals like hatchlings," said Ross, a tourist from New Zealand.

The same statement was said by Ross's wife, Polly, that the release of turtles could be a very interesting tourist attraction.

No less impressive when they visited cultural tourism by seeing the local wisdom of making traditional machete and cake crafts in Sariahang Village, Bungaia Village.

They are very impressed and amazed at the culture of local wisdom that is still maintained until now in the era of modernization.

"Indonesia is very amazing because Indonesia has a lot of work. Usually when I go to the supermarket I only buy ready-made food, and it's different here by seeing how difficult the process of making traditional cakes is," Ross said.

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