MBA: Insha Allah, October Selayar Has Been Declared As A Special Economic Tourism Zone

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Minggu, 29 September 2019, 02:30 WIB Last Updated 2019-09-28T19:30:13Z
MBA: Insha Allah, October Selayar Has Been Declared As A Special Economic Tourism Zone

SELAYARPOS.COM ■ The development of the Selayar Islands Regency as a Special Economic Zone (KEK) Tourism is increasingly being carried out and is showing quite encouraging progress.

This was revealed during the Evaluation Meeting on the Proposal for Special Economic Zones at the Governor's Office in South Sulawesi, yesterday.

In this evaluation meeting, PT. Selayar Kepulauan Lestari as the consortium revealed the readiness of planning documents for the determination of SEZs.

"Of the 17 documents that are currently required to stay for Location Permits that do not yet exist, Insha Allah next week the Regent can issue, because BPN has issued Pertek as the basis for the Regent to issue Location Permits," said Iwan J Prawira.

In the next stage the Regent will submit 17 Documents to the Governor so that he can continue the Governor to the Secretariat of the KEK National Council.

During this period, progress will be made to perfect and revise documents based on the direction of the Secretariat of SEZ, so that it is expected that by the end of October the final SEZ session will be ready.

Responding to this, the Selayar Islands Regent H. Muh Basli Ali (MBA) positively welcomed the progress of the completion of the SEZ requirement documents.

"Alhamdulillah, currently the progress of the management of Selayar Tourism (KEK) shows a positive thing. The Governor of South Sulawesi has issued recommendations that form the basis for the Regional Government issuing 400 HA of location permit as the location of special economic zones, "the MBA said.

"We will continue to present at the National KEK Council, hopefully this October Selayar has been designated as a Special Economic Economic Zone for Tourism," he added.

Selayar Islands Regent H. Muh Basli requested support and prayers from the Selayar Islands community so that the Selayar Tourism SEZ could be realized.

The Regent also asked the heads of all relevant stakeholders to support each other in realizing this program.

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