Investors See Selayar Have Prospects for Vaname Shrimp Industry Development

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Sabtu, 07 September 2019, 13:48 WIB Last Updated 2019-09-07T06:49:57Z
Investors See Selayar Have Prospects for Vaname Shrimp Mother Industry Development

SELAYARPOS.COM ■ The Indonesian Fisheries Cultivation Consultant Team will conduct a survey for several days in the Selayar Archipelago waters in the framework of developing tourism and developing the shrimp industry (white shrimp).

The waters of the Selayar Islands Regency have the prospect of developing the vaname shrimp parent industry, which until now the needs of the vaname shrimp parent are still imported from abroad.

Head of the Indonesian Fisheries Cultivation Consultant Team, Dr. Hasanuddin Atjo, MP, said that when received by the Regional Secretary Dr. Ir. H. Marjani Sultan, M.Sc, on Jalan Jend. A.Yani, Benteng, Friday (6/9/19),

Sultan Marjani's Secretary when receiving an Indonesian fisheries consultant, accompanied by the Head of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Ir. Makkawaru and Marsuki Adam are also from DKP.

Hasanuddin Atjo who is also the Head of Bappelitbangda of Central Sulawesi, hopes that the Indonesian vaname shrimp parent industry is in Selayar, whose geographical location is in the middle of Indonesian territory.

The special thing about the island of Selayar, he said, besides having the airport and the waters of Selayar is that it is very good.

"Investors see that Selayar has prospects for the development of the vaname shrimp parent industry," Hasanuddin Atjo said.

"After conducting the survey, we will come again with national investors, Business to Business with the shrimp industry from Florida or Hawaii," Hasanuddin Atjo said.

To his guest, Sekayar Selayar Marjani Sultan confirmed that the investors wanted the team to conduct an initial survey. Whereas the center of vaname shrimp broodstock in the world only exists in Hawaii.

He explained, the need for vaname shrimp broodstock in Indonesia is 18 million per year, while only about four percent is fulfilled.

"It is not impossible, if the vaname shrimp parent industry can develop in Selayar, we can supply the needs of neighboring countries directly from Selayar," explained Regional Secretary H. Marjani Sultan.

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