International Yacht Rally participants arrive on Selayar Island

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Senin, 02 September 2019, 12:17 WIB Last Updated 2019-09-02T05:17:35Z
International Yacht Rally participants arrive on Selayar Island

SELAYARPOS.COM ■ As scheduled, International Yacht Rally participants from various countries in the world began arriving in the Selayar Islands Regency.

They came since last Saturday (1/9/2019) and there were 17 registered ships that entered the waters of Rauf Rahman Fort Selayar Pier.

The International Yacth Rally titled Wonderful Sail to Indonesia organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, Selayar Islands became one of the landing points of 20 regencies / cities in Indonesia designated by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

The arrival of foreign tourists was welcomed by Regional Secretary Selayar H. Marjani Sultan, directly at the Rauf Rahman Benteng Pier, which was accompanied by a flower bouquet.

Selayar Regional Secretary seemed accompanied by the Head of Tourism Andi Abdurrahman, along with his staff, Administrative Assistant Drs. Dahlul Malik, Kadishub Andi Baso, along with a number of other local government officials.

Nevertheless for the gala dinner and the opening ceremony of the Wonderful Sail to Indonesia by the Government of the Selayar Archipelago Regency, it will be held tonight at the Regent's Office Mansion.

Kadispar Andi Abdurrahman, when confirmed by reporters, said that of the 17 sailing vessels that had been registered, they would continue to grow. Because the participants are still there while traveling to Selayar.

"So we will continue to wait until September 4 according to the schedule. Alhamdulillah, we should be grateful because Selayar was chosen as one of the landing points of 20 regencies / cities in Indonesia. Hopefully with the arrival of these foreign tourists, Selayar can be better known in the world, "said Andi Abdurrahman.

Before continuing the journey, participants of the International Yacth Rally are scheduled to visit a number of tourist destinations in the Selayar Islands Regency.

Mr. Add nationality America claimed to be amazed by the beauty of the sea of ​​Selayar.

"I have participated in the Wonderful Sail to Indonesia program, and I have traveled from Wakatobi, and Selayar is so beautiful and beautiful. Three years ago I traveled from California. This year I started from Australia, "said Mr. Add 

■ Aisha Shifa


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